AEInfoGraphics turns your data into beautifully animated charts with just one click!

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What is AEInfoGraphics?

AEInfoGraphics is an AfterEffects extension that converts your data into amazing and beautiful chart animations. It allows you to import csv files directly to After Effects. You can also create your own table in AE using AEInfoGraphics's user interface. If your data is ok then you can select a template from twelve beautiful chart templates to generate your chart composition. That is all! Your chart animation is ready to use!



Preview new

A powerful preview feature comes with this new version. You can easily see your final output before creating it.

Multiple Data new

For selected charts there is multiple data support. Now you can compare two sets of data in a single chart.

Import CSV

Data can be imported as CSV format. After importing it you can modify it in AEIG's panel.

Create Data

Data can be created and motified via AEIG’s panel.


There are twelve beautiful chart templates as shown above.


There is multiple data support for selected charts. Now you can compare two sets of data in a single chart.

Timing & Labels new

Animation and Composition durations can be set. You can set the label type shown on charts (values or percentages)

Save Option new

You can save your data as well as all your settings. You can load them anytime you want.


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